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Rush 40 degrees around the world, join us in our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality

40 degrees is still hot? You may be having the coolest year of your life ahead.

Welcome to the Waterborne KAIYUE News Station. Today, let’s talk about the heat wave sweeping the world and witness the changes in the world with us.

Starting in June, the world has gone into “fry, roast, and stew” mode. The highest temperature of 76 weather stations in my country has exceeded the historical maximum. More than 5 million square kilometers of the country are affected by high temperatures, and 900 million people are fried in high temperatures. Heat stroke is a serious heat stroke that can cause the body temperature to be too high and the mortality rate to be extremely high. The disease appeared in every city.

89 wildfires are raging in 12 states in the United States, with the highest temperature in Oklahoma reaching 43-44 degrees Celsius.

Canada is more than 8 degrees warmer than usual this year, with 130 sudden deaths.

Europe is usually cooler. The average summer temperature in the UK is 27 degrees. This year, it directly exceeded 40 degrees. Students were suspended, planes were grounded, forests were on fire, and roads were melting. British TV said: London is on fire, and the Mayor of London directly announced that it has entered a state of major incident. Because they’ve never been so hot before and don’t know how to handle it. Not just the UK, but other countries in Europe are also suffering from the heat. From July 10 to 16 in Spain, 510 people were killed due to high temperature in a week, forest fires in southwestern France reached 20,000 hectares, and Italy was facing the worst drought in 70 years. The most terrifying thing is that there is no air conditioner at 40 degrees. According to statistics, the number of households with air conditioners installed in Europe may not exceed 5%. One is that it is usually not hot and does not need to turn on the air conditioner, and the other is that it is expensive. More than 4,800 yuan, but the cost of installing air conditioners may be more expensive than 4,800 yuan. In addition, Europe is in an energy crisis. In the past, Europe’s energy mainly came from Russia. After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the energy in Europe is very tight, and residents’ electricity bills are also getting higher and higher. , it will cost 100 euros or more than 600 yuan if you haven’t used it for a month.) The high temperature and the energy crisis have directly put Europe into hell mode.

environmental pollution

Why is this year so hot?

Over the subtropical region of the northern hemisphere, the western Pacific subtropical high, the Atlantic high and the Iranian high have all strengthened in stages, thus forming a large-scale global warm high pressure belt. To put it simply, in summer, there is a weather system called the subtropical high, or “subtropical high” for short. Many summer weather, such as high temperatures and rainfall, are all caused by the subtropical high. If the subtropical high is likened to a moving cover, there are no clouds inside the cover, and the solar radiation can reach the ground more easily, so it is super hot, and there may be violent storms around the cover. But the deputy high school comes every year, why is it so exciting this year? The National Climate Center said that global warming may be the climate background for the high temperature in the northern hemisphere and frequent heat wave events. The vice-high does visit every year, but he comes with a heat wave that gets hotter every year. Since 1950, the frequency, intensity, and duration of heatwaves over land areas around the world have been increasing. The World Meteorological Organization warns that extreme high-temperature weather will become more and more common around the world in the future, and this situation may continue until 2060. That is to say, the hot summer we are experiencing now may be the coolest year in our lives in the future. Perhaps not an exaggeration. Global warming is not a new topic. We are affected by it almost every day. Now it is high temperature. In the future, it may be caused by flood erosion caused by sea level rise. The more, more infectious diseases, the less food.

In October 2021, the top medical journal “The Lancet” released a report saying: Climate change will determine human health and will be the greatest threat to human beings in the future, and China is one of the regions that are very sensitive to climate change, because we With a large population, complex climatic conditions, and a fragile ecological environment as a whole, protecting the environment is actually protecting ourselves. The globalization of finance and trade connects the world, but what really makes the world inseparable is the atmosphere above our heads, which affects the whole body like a butterfly effect. Any change in each country in the world may affect another in the world. The corners have a huge impact, so in the face of this problem, human beings need to unite.

Protect the environment - sustainable development of water-based leather

In 2015, 175 countries around the world signed a climate change agreement, the “Paris Agreement”, which requires countries to reduce carbon emissions according to their abilities. Limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius by 2100, preferably no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. This requires the world to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Net zero emissions do not mean that they cannot be emitted, but carbon emissions generated by human activities can be offset by afforestation, energy conservation, and emission reduction, which is what we often call carbon neutrality. However, the ability of each country to achieve carbon neutrality is different. For example, developing countries may have to use high-carbon energy if they want to develop their economy. Foreign reports often mention that China has high carbon emissions, but it is not enough to mention the total amount and not per capita. We must face up to the development needs and national conditions of our developing countries. In addition to solidarity, we must respect differences among countries, strive to achieve carbon neutrality per capita, and protect our living environment. Thank you for being here, and thank you for joining us in our efforts for a sustainable world.

Reference: “Steamed Bread Planet”

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