Waterborne silicone series

Alkyl aryl silicone oil

Product Details


KX-3300 is a special branched alkyl aryl modified polymethylsiloxane, which has isolation, anti-sticking and lubricity at high temperature (300~350℃). As the base oil of aluminum or aluminum-magnesium alloy high-temperature die-casting release agent, it has excellent properties of high temperature resistance, no carbonization, no pollution to the mold, and no residue. At the same time, the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy products demolded with this product will not affect the subsequent electroplating, printing, and bonding processing.


Application and method:

Release agent: aluminum-magnesium alloy die castings;

Lubricating impregnant: sintered bronze, stainless steel and iron-based bushings;

Lubricant or release agent: rubber and rubber, rubber and plastic or plastic and plastic;

Additives: improve paint leveling, defoamer.

When used as a die-casting release agent: emulsify it into a 30-60% emulsion in advance, then dilute it with 80-150 times of water before use and spray it on the surface of the mold with a compression spray gun; for other purposes, it can be formulated as required.


Technical Parameters
Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid

Viscosity: 1000-2000mPa.S

Activity: 100%