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Waterborne PU-Breath of the Wild

This section is named Breath of the Wild, has clear surface lines. Suitable for luggage, home improvement, leather shoes, etc. Various colors.

Moral: Imagine that when everything is extinct, the ground surface begins to fission, just like the wilderness, looking for the last breath of life in the wilderness.

The rapid development of mankind has overloaded the earth. There have been many movies and books, and it is no longer enough to preview the terrible situation of the earth.

The advent of water-based leather, zero emissions of harmful chemicals, reduce the harm to nature, protect the operation of the environment, improve the living standard of human beings, let fashion luxury and environmental protection be perfectly combined.


Material: Water-based leather surface treatment agent/water-based polyurethane resin
Base fabric: imitation cotton (polyester fiber)
Thickness: 0.9mm
Features: wear-resistant, breathable, delicate, soft and elastic, healthy and environmentally friendly.


Water-based leather/water-based synthetic leather does not contain formaldehyde, o-benzenes, azo, DMFa, DMFu, PAHs, APEO, PBA and other (VOC) harmful chemicals. The production process is pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly, and is truly sustainable in the true sense product
Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces water-based polyurethane resin/water-based surface treatment agent, water-based leather, water-based super-fiber synthetic leather, silicone and other products.
70% of raw materials are produced independently, with complete physical and chemical testing. At the same time of supply, self-test reports can be provided upon customer request.
Because the raw materials are good, the fabric is more delicate and smooth, more breathable and comfortable.