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History of selection of leather raw materials for automobile interior decoration

Almost every family now has a car. As an indispensable means of transportation for commuting, transportation and family travel, more and more people pay attention to the maintenance of their cars. From auto insurance, annual inspection to Spring Festival couplets, cars are inseparable from daily life.

Now it is nearly 140 years since Carl Benz invented the first car in the modern sense. As one of the great crystallization of human wisdom, automotive interior design has been continuously improved and innovated with the development of manufacturing industry and the improvement of aesthetic level. The beauty, comfort and science and technology of the interior are the greatest care for drivers and passengers. “Face” is important, but “lining” is the mapping of character and connotation.

Automobile production workshop

Speaking of car interior, this is actually a relatively large concept, including all the interior decorations of the car, including steering wheel, seats, control buttons, instrument panel, floor glue, sound, air conditioning outlet, gear lever, door interior, etc. From the development trend in recent years, the trend of interior design is more and more digital and high-tech, the shape is more concise and neat, and pay more attention to the application and collocation of a variety of materials.

In the past, the materials used for interior decoration were usually leather, including cow leather, pig skin and sheep skin, but now the export control and environmental protection concept of foreign leather products are also affecting automobile manufacturers to choose artificial leather instead.

Automotive interior

Among the raw materials of automobile interior leather, waterborne PU leather gradually replaces ordinary artificial leather. Waterborne PU leather is an environmentally friendly material. Compared with other synthetic leather, the production process is pollution-free, the production raw materials are non-toxic and harmless, and there are no potential safety hazards in the production process. The product is green, non-toxic and harmless. The product has natural hydrophilicity and air permeability. The material of Waterborne PU leather is safe. The waterborne polyurethane takes deionized water as the solvent and has natural air permeability and hydrophilicity. Not only car interior decoration, but also widely used in shoe making, clothing, home decoration, luggage, sporting goods and other fields.

Waterborne polyurethane synthetic leather does not contain toxic organic solvents. It is the latest generation of traditional solvent based synthetic leather and a product conforming to the world’s sustainable development. There is no pollution, toxic and harmful waste gas and wastewater discharge in the production process. It does not contain DMF, o-benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. It is healthy and environmentally friendly and really harmless to the body.

Water based recycled leather

Huai’an Hyatt Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of waterborne synthetic leather slurry and waterborne polyurethane synthetic leather / Waterborne microfiber synthetic leather. It is a national Spark plan project implementation unit and a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, with more than 100 patents related to waterborne synthetic leather. The company’s products are widely used in shoes, bags, sofas, clothing, home decoration, packaging, sporting goods and other fields.

If you have difficulties in choosing waterborne polyurethane leather, Huai’an Hyatt Technology Development Co., Ltd. can help you.