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Things about the Tokyo Olympics Inventory of environmentally friendly new materials

Recently, the Tokyo Olympic Games are being held in full swing. With the progress of the competition schedule, more and more questions about the Olympic Games have been circulated on the Internet, arousing public discussion on the Internet. Among them, there are more concerns. There are cardboard beds in the Olympic Village, Fukushima nuclear radiation agricultural products for Olympic athletes, selective blind referees, maverick judging standards, and changed specifications of competition venues and equipment.

There are also friends who don’t understand, so let’s talk about it. First of all, regarding the bedboard problem in the Olympic Village, many Olympic athletes took pictures and posted photos on the first day of their stay in the Olympic Village: The overall height is about 180cm, and many athletes need to bend over to enter, which is very inconvenient; the infrastructure is poor and there is no independence. The hot water supply in the washrooms and bathing rooms in China is not timely; the beds where the athletes sleep are made of cardboard. After some athletes reported that they were easy to break and were equipped with pictures, they slapped their faces severely. Because of the above problems, many national teams have already moved out of the Olympic Village to stay at their own expense.

Another problem with the removal of some national teams from the Olympic Village is that the Tokyo Olympic Games organizers actually provided Fukushima nuclear radiation agricultural products for Olympic athletes. Once this news was released, it caused condemnation from many domestic online names and raised injustices for Olympic athletes.

In addition to the above problems, the problems in the game have become more prominent. China’s proud table tennis has actually missed the gold medal under the “efforts” of the Japanese referees and the venue. The competition equipment and venue save too much cost. The overall venue construction and rules are really painstaking and careful calculations. The most annoying thing is that the Japanese referees are blinded by the selectivity. In the men’s gymnastics competition, Japanese player Hashimoto Daiki, an out-of-bounds referee awarded a deduction of 0.1 points. Chinese athlete Xiao Ruoteng perfectly completed the required action, was deducted points “as appropriate” and won the silver medal. Afterwards, Japanese player Hashimoto Daiki accepted an interview, saying that he had a clear conscience about the results of the competition and he was worthy of five years of hard work. What’s more, the Japanese players in the flower game are invisible to the Chinese players, and the Japanese players in the ping-pong match obviously touch the table and blow the ball, and the referees are selectively blind. What’s even more ridiculous is that in the game the day before yesterday, the Japanese referee picked bones in the egg, and the reason for deducting points for the Chinese gymnasts was unexpectedly: they did not pay tribute to the referee team.

Many events in the Tokyo Olympics were fermented, and there was a lot of scolding from all over the world for this “carefully” organized Olympics. From the opening ceremony to the competition, it was disappointing. Recently, it has been exposed that inferior leather products are used in the venue equipment, which triggers allergic reactions to sports.

In all aspects of the Olympic Games, leather is used more, such as: rest chair cushions, sponsor banners, athletes rest sleeping bags and so on. The International Olympic Committee also has related requirements for competition leather. Although it meets the competition leather requirements, this Tokyo Olympics seems to be very magical. Today’s leather problems all illustrate Low.

The leather issue should not be underestimated. This is true in heavyweight competitions like the Olympics, and it is also true in the homes of ordinary people. Nowadays, the most common ones on the market are synthetic leather. Leather leather is now appearing less and less. Driven by sustainable development, the supply and demand relationship in the leather market is also changing. Now more and more environmentally friendly synthetic leather appears. For example: solvent-free synthetic leather, water-based PU leather, water-based microfiber leather, the comparison of various leathers has been explained in the previous article, among these, the zero DMF depends on the water-based PU leather and water-based microfiber leather. Leather is truly environmentally friendly. It has no formaldehyde, good elasticity, environmentally friendly manufacturing, and high popularity. It has been unanimously recognized in developed countries in Europe and the United States and conforms to the true concept of sustainable development.

Water-based PU leather is an environmentally friendly material. Compared with other synthetic leathers, the production process is pollution-free, the raw materials are non-toxic and harmless, and there is no safety hazard in the production process. Green and environmentally friendly, the product is non-toxic and harmless, the product has natural hydrophilicity and air permeability, the water-based PU leather material is safe, and the water-based polyurethane uses deionized water as the solvent, which has natural air permeability and hydrophilicity. Not only luggage, but also widely used in shoemaking, clothing, home improvement, car interiors, sporting goods and other fields.



The issue of leather safety was magnified in the special event of the Olympic Games, which caused widespread public concern. Whether it is production or application, whether it is Olympic equipment or ordinary people’s homes, safety is always the first. This Olympics is still in progress, and different problems will continue to arise. Faced with the selectivity of the referees, I am a Chinese Olympic athlete. Still showing strong strength and fighting ambition. Although the Olympic Games only lasted a dozen days, the value of the Olympics is even more important in every day of the lives of the people. We worked hard in the process, and the result was a clear conscience, fairness and freedom. Finally, I wish the Chinese Olympic athletes who are struggling under all kinds of difficulties, can show their demeanor in the competition!