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Non-toxic home improvement-water-based wallpaper

Recently, I have always heard the concept of non-toxic home improvement. What exactly is a non-toxic home improvement? How can we achieve true non-toxic decoration?

Non-toxic home improvement means that all products in the home are based on water-based polymer technology. Water replaces organic solvents, completely replacing solvent-based products that are harmful to the environment and harmful to health. Realize the water-based environmental protection serialization of home improvement materials, furniture materials, and synthetic leather products, and form a non-toxic home improvement all-materials solution to eliminate the harmfulness of formaldehyde, benzene, DMF and other harmful chemicals in home improvement materials from the source.

Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. creates a new material water-based wallpaper, water-based home improvement leather, and can customize various patterns. Give you a luxurious and environmentally friendly living environment. What’s more important is that water-based products are based on the development and production of water-based polyurethane resins. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF and DOP. They have strong air permeability and zero VOC emissions, which fundamentally solve environmental protection problems.

Environmental health is a topic that everyone cares about. First of all, we must change the common phenomenon of domestic pollution. The advent of water-repellent leather from KAIYUE-Tech lets consumers know that home improvement and home furnishing can be done without poison and pollution. Secondly, the country is now paying great attention to the construction of ecological civilization, and water-based KAIYUE must also be determined to water-borne China’s solvent-based polymers, which is to achieve environmental protection in the industry.

Starting from the polyurethane synthetic leather industry, after more than ten years of innovative applications, water-based KAIYUE has promoted the industry to basically achieve environmental protection. As a member of China Green Water-based Synthetic Leather Alliance, Water-based KAIYUE has also done a lot of work to achieve a water-based synthetic leather industry. At present, water-based KAIYUE cooperates, promotes, and shares with ten domestic synthetic leather companies to improve the industry’s technology.