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Introduction to Leather 丨 Basic knowledge of artificial leather and synthetic leather

Synthetic leather

Waterborne PU/Water-based PU

  1. Dry method
  2. Wet method: ① embossing method, ② release paper
  3. Water-based PU uses water instead of organic solvents, and does not contain harmful chemicals such as DMF and DOP. The production process is pollution-free and environmentally friendly.

PU leather

  1. Dry PU, generally produced by release paper method
  2. Wet-type PU, ① graining by release paper method, ② embossing, vacuum suction to give texture

Half PU leather

  1. Release paper method
  2. Embossing

PVC leather

  1. Release paper method
  2. Calendering

Tongnai leather (solvent-free PU)

  1. Release paper method
  2. Embossing


  1. Dry method
  2. Composite embossing


General process

Scorching | Spraying | Gloss

Water Dyeing | Roller Coating | Coating, Coating

Washed | Scrub | Embossed, Vacuum

Dermabrasion | Wax Feel | Calendered

Crown top | Roller coating | Moisture curing

Polishing | Direct Coating | Bronzing / Silver

Film | Kneading | Flocking

Printing | Touch Color | Antifouling

Wipe | Scraper | Scratch

Punching | embroidery | carving

Velvet | drip plastic |

Special effect

Sheep | Cow | Crazy Horse

Cracking | Deformation and Discoloration | Wire

Synthetic leather commonly used base cloth

Woven cloth

  1. T / C cloth
  2. Arrow shaft cloth
  3. Viscose cloth
  4. twill fabric

Knitted cloth

  1. Warp Knitting:

① imitation cotton velvet, ② warp knitted double / single-sided fleece, ③ warp knitted suede

2. Weft Knitting:

①Single / double-sided cloth, ②Single / double-sided cloth single-sided fleece, ③Double-sided cloth double-sided fleece, ④Weft knitted suede ⑤Underwear cloth (T / R)

3. Four-sided elastic (spandex)


  1. Spunlace:
  2. acupuncture

Water weaving

Chun Yafang, Taslan, peach skin, etc.

Common uses of synthetic leather

Clothing: (men’s, women’s, children’s, mountaineering, diving, ski, performance, etc.)

Sofas: (office sofas, homes, desks, chairs, etc.)

Luggage and handbags: (men’s bags, women’s bags, wallets, trolley cases, cosmetic bags, tool boxes, functional bags, leather goods, etc.)

Shoe leather: (sneakers, skates, labor protection shoes, work shoes, inside shoes, etc.)

Decoration: (soft bag, hard bag, etc.)

Baby products: (bibs, urine pads, etc.)


Booklet, desk calendar, trash can, tissue box, note holder, car, yacht, hat, gloves, knee pads, saddle, glasses case, gift box, medical appliance, mattress, jewelry packaging, sports equipment, belt, golf supplies, Photo frame, edging, earphone, mobile phone holster, electronic product jacket, grip, display model, hanger


Huai’an Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an independent research and development and production from raw materials water-based polyurethane resin to water-based PU synthetic leather.

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