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Preparation method of water-based PU synthetic leather semi-finished product

Huaian Kaiyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in water-based PU leather, water-based polyurethane resin, water-based surface treatment agent, and silicone series products.

The company’s chief engineer disclosed a method for preparing a water-based PU synthetic leather semi-finished product and its slurry, including the following steps: step one, soaking the base cloth with water; step two, rolling out the water in the base cloth; step three 1. The surface of the base cloth is calendered, and then the base cloth is ironed with an ironing roller; step four, the foamed slurry is coated on the base cloth treated in step three; step five, the coated base cloth is polished. The cloth is dried in a special oven. The coating slurry of the present invention is made of 100 parts by mass of homemade water-based polyurethane resin, 10-20 parts by mass of filler, 0.5-2 parts by mass of water-based foam stabilizer, and 1-3 parts by mass of water-based color paste. It is prepared by mixing 1-10 parts by mass of water. The preparation method of the invention has simple process and low cost. The surface of the water-based PU synthetic leather semi-finished product prepared by the invention has a flat surface and uniform and fine cells, which promotes the rapid and benign development of the water-based polyurethane synthetic leather.

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Water-based pu leather

Water-based pu leather

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Water-based PU leather-using water instead of organic solvents, does not contain DMF, DOP and other harmful chemicals. No pollution during production, and environmental protection.

Water-based polyurethane resin / water-based surface treatment agent refers to a polymer system using water as a medium. Gives the finished product a special feel, strong brightness and functionality.

The chief engineer of Huaian Kaiyue Technology has been in contact with the polyurethane synthetic leather industry since 1992, and has nearly 30 years of experience. He has very rich practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the research, development, production and application of PU synthetic leather. The members generally have more than ten years of professional experience; the talents cover a wide range, and the technical team personnel cover various aspects such as water-based PU resin, water-based functional additives, water-based surface treatment agents, water-based synthetic leather semi-finished products, water-based dry and post-treatment, and machinery .